Why Build?

Building the proposed cruise berthing facility provides a better experience for cruise tourists and will act as a catalyst for the revitalisation of our Capital. Cruise tourism is an essential part of our economy, employing 4,500 Caymanians and boosting the economy by $200 million. Without the piers, we risk the success we have worked so hard to build. Find out more about why the cruise berth facility is essential to safeguard jobs and the economy.

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Cruise Berthing Facility – Correcting Inaccuracies

Despite repeated attempts to communicate clearly and concisely with the public about the proposed cruise berth facility, its funding and the procurement process currently taking place, several inaccuracies continue to circulate.


By how much will the proposed cruise berthing facility boost the economy? How many jobs will the project create? What will happen if we do not build? How will the project be paid for?