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July 1, 2015

Cayman Islands Government continues information gathering on proposed cruise berthing facility, July 2015

The Ministry of Tourism, on behalf of the Government, continues to gather pertinent information which may assist Cabinet to reach an informed decision regardin construction of the proposed Cruise Berthing Facility.

Since the inception of the project, the Ministry has maintained that any proposed development would be informed by the Outline Business Case [OBC] and an Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA]. Additionally, given the critical nature and possible implications of this project, the Ministry has carefully and methodically sought to garner as much other relevant data as possible.

Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, Minister of Tourism confirmed that the Ministry has gone to great lengths to ensure that the process has been open and transparent. “We have ensured that relevant documentation, including the Strategic Outline Case (SOC), the OBC and the EIA have been widely published, so that members of the public could have the opportunity to review the information and understand the development phases and potential impacts,” he said.

Gathering the relevant information remains a work in progress. While this might seem to be a protracted exercise to some, it is designed to facilitate scrutiny from the financial, technical and environmental standpoints, and safeguard the project from unintended consequences in the future.

In addition to commissioning the most comprehensive EIA in the history of the Cayman Islands, the Ministry commissioned a Benthic Habitat Survey. This will provide supplementary information regarding the habitats within the proposed dredging footprint. The final Benthic Habitat Report is expected in mid-August and the findings will be made public when it becomes available.

PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC) have also been requested to update the Outline Business Case with the findings obtained from the Environmental Impact Assessment).

In the interim, the Ministry of Tourism remains committed to ensuring that the views of stakeholders and the wider public continues to be an inherent part of the process.