PWC – Addendum to the Outline Business Case

In September 2015 PWC updated their Outline Business Case to reflect the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment, concluding that the economic costs outweighed the benefits. The overall long term economic benefit was estimated to be $245 million.

BREA – Economic Contribution of Cruise Tourism to the Cayman Islands

The 2018 BREA report found that the average cruise passenger to the Cayman Islands spent US$25.65 per hour and that passengers spent on average just 4.1 hours ashore. The analysis shows that during 2017/18 passenger and crew visits along with additional expenditures by the cruise lines generated a total of $224.5 million ($US) in cruise […]

BAIRD – Environmental Impact Assessment (Summary)

In 2015 BAIRD concluded their Environmental Impact Assessment. Commissioned by the Cayman Islands government, the report assesses the impact of the proposed Cruise Berthing Facility in several areas including the impact on reefs in George Town and the impact on Seven Mile Beach. Read the summary.

BAIRD – Scoping of Mitigation Measures

In 2015 Baird reported to the government with their assessment of potential mitigation measures, including relocation of coral, relocation of the Bilboa, seabed protection in the berthing area and constraints on dredging.

CSA Ocean Sciences – Benthic Habitat Survey Summary

CSA was tasked by CIG to conduct an ecological and geophysical survey of the seabed of George Town Harbour to assess the habitat, including coral within the impact area as well as options to mitigate impacts. The report was published in 2015 and a summary is available here

Department of Environment – Review of EIA

The Environmental Assessment Board, which comprised representatives of the Department of Environment, Port Authority, Department of Tourism, National Roads Authority, Planning Department and the National Museum reviewed the EIA including any mitigation measures.

PwC – Outline Business Case

The Outline Business Case, prepared by PwC on behalf of CIG was published in 2013 and concluded that the proposed Cruise Berthing Facility would create around 490 jobs during construction and just under 1,000 news jobs in the long term. It iterated the risk that the Cayman Islands would lose market share in the cruise […]