Our cruise berthing facility will benefit our people and our Islands

Our cruise berthing facility will bring jobs and opportunities for our people and will safeguard our cruise tourism industry. Find out more here.

Here’s what will happen if the cruise berthing facility goes over budget

If the cruise berthing project goes over budget our Country’s finances are not at risk. The costs will be met by Verdant Isle and the repayment period will be extended.

Who pays for the new cruise berthing and cargo facility project?

Here’s how our cruise berthing facility and cargo port be paid for.

Here’s how our cruise and cargo port will be managed

Our Cruise Berthing Facility and enhanced cargo port will continue to be managed by the Port Authority. They will also own and manage the retail units, and this means cruise lines will not own or operate any retail or commercial space within the new cruise terminal.

Paula Swaby-Ebanks explains why the cruise berthing facility means jobs for Caymanians

Paula Swaby-Ebanks of Brown Sugar Tours explains why the cruise berthing facility means more cruise passengers which will create more jobs for Caymanians.

Watch the Press Conference announcing the preferred bidder for the Cruise Berthing and Cargo Facility

Watch the full press conference from 29th July 2019. Premier, Deputy Premier and Chief Officer of the Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport provide the public with plans, finance arrangements and more as it relates to the Cruise Berthing and Cargo Facility.